Thursday, February 09, 2006

Traditional Associations-vs-Web Based Marketing

Why should a party planner, wedding planner, event planner, in house corporate meeting planner, caterer, entertainment companies, DJ, hotel or any hospitality company join a association?

Are traditional networking associations dying? Small planning companies are thriving these days, and seem to be popping up at record rates. Why should planners (corporate or independent or wedding) or service providers (caterers, DJ’s, etc.) or any hospitality company join an association? Do they really help?

The web has brought a multitude of opportunities for social and business networking, and the opportunities are multiplying by the month. Are sites like and taking the place of traditional offline professional organizations when it comes to business networking?

Even the face of dating has changed due to networking sites like,, and People used to go to church socials, bars, community and private networking events to meet potential mates and scout new business, and now they are turning to online solutions. The online environment makes a blind introduction easier and more comfortable for both parties. It’s easier to digitally walk up to someone and introduce yourself than it is in person.

In our industry, I’ve heard some people claim that associations tend to bring people together as friends but that they tend not to net many business opportunities, and that the more involved they get in the association, the more politics becomes the central focus rather than business transactions. For years I've been a member of MPI, ISES and many other associations, but honestly, I’ve netted more employees than opportunities for new business.
What is your opinion on traditional associations?
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What is the difference between a big corporate meeting planner and the small private planner? Are the Jack Morton of the worlds; Helms Briscoe going to survive? Are the small guys getting the edge using online meeting and event planning management systems?

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