Saturday, July 01, 2006

PlanIt Podcast Birthday Show

I can't believe its been one year. We are now publishing our 34th show and have had over 500,000 downloads. Our show is dedicated to meeting planners, wedding planners, event producers or anyone trying to plan a meeting, wedding, party, birthday party, anniversary, bridal shower, baby shower, wedding, family reunion, class reunion, bar mitzvah, bat mitzvah, bachelor party, bachelorette party, birthday, baptism, sweet sixteen, confirmation, corporate event, charity, government event, prom, collage event, corporate picnic or other special event. We also review some of the leading event locations and services providers.


Today is our BIRTHDAY show! We are so thankful for everyone that is listing to our show and sharing this show with everyone in the Hospitality business.

One today’s show your hear two great Birthday Songs. From the Pod-Safe music network, we want to thank Craymo and Jessy Moss. Listen how much fun finding music on the pod-safe music network and be. You think American Idol has wild things on? I don’t think so..

Millions are tuning in to podcasting and it’s not a passing fade. Feedburner is server 60 million feeds per day and its growing at 20% per month. Podcastingnews is saying that 11.4 million listeners are now hearing and learning about podcasting. By 2010 some 54 million will be on and listing.

To contact any of our vendors on the show please call our vendor connect line at 866-438-4805 dial zero and one of our operators will connect you. If you get our voicemail just give us the name of the vendor and your message will be delivered to them via our email system. Request a proposal for your next event here:

If you would like to be on our show please call us at: 866-438-4800 ext.88 We are happy to direct you to any service that you might need for a successful event.

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